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tv   [untitled]    August 18, 2010 9:00am-9:30am PST

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, due to the delay in the budget being adopted by the board. we were not able to build some positions as soon as we wanted to, plus we had additional retirees that we did not expect to have at the end of june. we are showing some decrease in expenditures. overall, we are on track with our budget, if not over budgeted, so to speak. we are doing good in the department right now with the help of all staff. i would be happy to answer any questions. >> commissioners, any questions? >> good news. >> item 3b. update on proposed legislation. >> we are revising the current editions of the codes that we have to adopt.
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along with that, we will be bringing back some ab's back to you to bring them back up into more current standards, in the way that we actually process office policies, procedures, how we process administrative bulletins, to take out some of the delay in the processing
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what is coming down from the state, what is there, and how we can get it to service in san francisco. bringing the ordinance forward with storm water runoff and other ordnances, you will see that coming forward. the draft mandatory legislation will be ready at the city attorney's office for a slight review for the mayor to introduce shortly. maybe next month.
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on the other point of the proposed legislation is how to write off as policy and procedure. what i will be doing in the meantime, drafting new office policies and procedures that are current with the comptroller's office and the city attorney's office, bringing those forward to you for review also. we are requiring any owner the they will have to have signatures from the tenants in the building to change the address or that they will notify the tenants as they take place. that will be coming out shortly,
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hopefully before the end of the year. it all depends on how fast i can get it approved before i can do the office policy. >> in streamlining the process, how much time will we be able to look at? you mentioned about 90 days. >> hopefully at least one month. going to the coda advisory subcommittee, it is signed into effect. others do not. >> bringing me to the first comments on storm water ordinance, is there a way that they could harvest rainwater in those categories >> --
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categories? >> puc is following that in the great wall or harvesting and usage right now. i can bring those forward to show you where they are. >> hopefully this will be integrated in the effort that lawrence and both committees are involved with that area >> chair? >> to follow what on the process change around tenant notification, putting this on the agenda to present with you
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are doing in september. >> that would be great. >> mr. martine has brought this up. thank you are about. mr. morales? >> this points out how they are responsive, although not as swiftly as he wanted in the category of addressing the issues that the public brings up that we will continue to follow up on. >> we will have a public comment at the end of item #3.
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threec, an update -- 3c, an update on permit drafting systems. >> yes, it is nearly ready for review. we have nearly deleted and combined air lot of the elements that we wanted address in the permit tracking system to address the needs of all the apart -- all of the departments. using a less detailed method for assistance rather than downloading everyone here and having them on interface tracking basis with a planning system. many departments already have records stored in electronic formats but in different venues,
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so we would need an interface for each type. we do not want to bring them into one system right now where they exist on different servers. a different way of approaching it, but we have got it figured out. we have been working and planning, meeting twice a week on this. we met three or four times this week already. it will be about september 15 before we get it out to the agency, so we are hoping to put out by the end of the year. >> how long after acceptance and review of the bids before the award happens? >> it takes approximately one month to two months to go after the intense, we figured out, and then we go into negotiations with the proposed vendor, so it
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will be spring of next year before this is implemented. >> so, this will be part of the budget for the current year? >> no, we put nothing new in the budget from this year that we have not expended on this project yet. the department has been covering the permit tracking system out of existing funds. in house, what we have spent on lacoste's for our staff, we have not taken that out of the projects. hardware, software, and licensing, but without professional staff. >> any questions? >> item 3b, an update on activities affecting the administration of the department. >> we will be revising every single position for the office
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policy procedures manual for the entire department. we will have subcommittees' doing that to address some of the concerns being brought forth by the comptroller's office and other departments about policies and procedures. >> will you provide progress reports on a monthly basis? >> probably quarterly. this is a huge undertaking, it has not been done since 1996. >> ok. thank you for the effort. a long time coming. commissioners? >> perhaps public comment on items three a through b?
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>> seeing no one. >> item #4, general public comment. we will take public comment on matters within the commission that are not part of the agenda. >> it is good to have all of these reports, but i feel we are not participating in a democratic process. i was evicted because of the housing number on my building. i would like to inform the commission that they should
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start inviting the heads of organizations once every year, where the invitation for them is to come once every month or three months, so that they will really tell you how much we are suffering. we have been taken to the cleaners by the landlords. everything is so expensive. as an example of my life, when i came here in 1965 for the first time, it was only $80 per month. what happened in the year 2008? my rent went to $800 each month, which was supposed to be very low, but this is not what we
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think of as low because there is no vacancy control. the landlords have the upper hand. all of us are being evicted like cattle in 7 cisco. you should read a paper. to summarize, my name is jose moralez, and we see the people coming in, crying and suffering from because the tenants are being all the time abused and harassed.
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i will be leaving with you a copy of the tenant tiesmes, of used to be produced every four months on four pages, now it is just one sheet because there is no money. people looking for reform once again. [tone] >> may i have one more minute? >> you can provide that to us instead of reading it. thank you very much. >> are there any additional
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public comments? >> good morning, commissioner. i am here regarding 135 el camino del mar. this is part of an appeal case coming up next month. as you remember, your request was to the public to give you updates every three months. so far nothing has been done as far as i am concerned. i cannot find any record for any report to submit to you. besides that, nothing has been done. in january of this year, the submission from some people in the notice requirements of
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february, i would like to know what will happen next month during the expansion and what you will do about this. that is why i am here. >> we will follow up. i think that the director will talk to the staff yes. >> [inaudible] >> right. the commission can request another abatement board hearing. >> can you repeat your name again please?
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>> [inaudible] >> if we could somehow get some information and an update. you are on the mailing list? terrific. we will follow up. >> thank you. >> further public comments? >> good morning, commissioners. my name is gene and i am here on 201227 its first street. i would like to keep my ladder, which is attached to the outside. i have it inspected by a certified contractor. approximately five years to six years ago i had an inspection and as usual they noticed that treads on the stairs. i voluntarily redid the stairs and the deck with an
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architectural drawing, structural revision, engineer and permit. btus the latter half of the inspection three years ago. -- the lattdder passed inspectin three years ago. this year in the inspector said that the stairs did not pass. i explained. he cited me for the latter, which i also explained. this commission had decided that the ladder utility was a problem. so, i explained that i have also read all of the end -- information they had, that they sent this information out to help us understand that the permit plans for the deck did not list the ladder and that was
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posted as a garage extension. i said that was because when we went to building, i had to go back to taking pictures and they told me i could not take down the garges because they had allowed a loft lying window next door. since they improve that, i told them that had nothing to do with that. i kept bringing them pictures showing them what i would do. consequently i paid $350 for a permit. i wrote in and buys citation notice, the information that was apparently approved by this commission of regarding the
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supervisors' request to have them taken off because they could be dangerous because a child had hurt themselves. they had been there three times to talk to the commission about this. she was nice enough to send me the information about today's hearing. thank you. >> did you receive a notice of violation from our department? >> in the traditional inspection they had my building listed as a rooming house. i do not know why. it is not a rooming house. >> [inaudible] >> i received a notice stating i was in violation and when i explained to him that i had this done with a permit, he said that he would go back to check of
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lands. -- check of plans. -- check the plans. >> any dispute that they would have on a notice of violation would go in for inspection during. >> there is an opportunity there to explain. >> so, i would go to a directors' meeting? >> sonya would inform you of the process. come here if you do not resolve it. >> thank you. any additional public comments? >> [inaudible] >> thank you. >> item #7 is the review and
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approval of the regular minutes from june 15, 2010. is there a motion? >> approved? for the meeting? >> [inaudible] >> second. >> any public comments? >> can i have a vote on that? is everyone in favor? a ye -- >> aye. >> the item is approved. item number eight, commissioner inquiry questions regarding various documents, policies, and procedures of interest to the commission.
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>> i would like to bring up one item. could you update the committee commission on transit bay? >> i can do that right now, if you like. they broke ground last week. over the weekend the demolitions started on the rance. we are currently checking the plans and we will be approving them for actual construction as soon as the groundwork begins. >> that is one of the big projects really moving forward. >> it certainly is. >> anyone else? >> item 8b, at this time the commission can set the schedule date of the next meeting and determine the items to be placed on future meetings of the building inspection commission.
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the next one would be the third wednesday of september. >> ok. >> i think that there are some sub committees that i need to check with you on in terms of nomination. >> litigation. >> litigation. let either myself or ham will contact you. if there are no other items, item number nine, adjournment. >> move the adjournment. >> the meeting is adjourned. >> meeting adjourned.
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